Carlin tells you everything, everything, everything you need to know about Who’s Next fair Fall-Winter 19, which was held from January 25 to 28 in Paris. A season both bohemian and glamorous, to be discovered.


A warm and intense palette that combines caramel tones with winter fuchsias and purple accents, whose emergence as fashion colors is confirmed.

The greens are still very present but move away from the bright emerald tones of previous season for more natural tones, khaki, fern, bronze.

A palette at once classic and contemporary: The reds team with with the oranges for flamboyant shades, illuminated by refined offwhite and ecru.


The animal print is still very popular, but gets renewed by moving towards reptile inspiration. The masculine woven checks go beyond the current black-white-gray and favor warmer brownish shades. 

After the smooth velvet of previous seasons, it is now the broad-ribbed corduroy that becomes trendy, in a casual treat under vintage influence, for straight-widened pants and boyish jackets.

The autumn flowers bring a very bohemian look to the season with a 1900 – William Morris style, while Cashmere print is an upcoming must-have.

Tara Jarmon


Unmissable silhouette seen in many brands, the plaid tailored jacket slightly oversized is worn with a supple mid-long skirt.

We love the twist created by the unexpected combination of this sporty jacket in varnished fabric with a not-so-classic straight skirt.

The total-look tailored suit borrowed from men is also one of the highlights of the season, which is also found in solid color or even fancy pattern.



Fancy pants are must-have products of the season; thin straight cut and slightly shortened; there are mainly proposed in floral jacquard.

For the fall season entry, focus on the supple printed dress, to be layered with a jacket, coat or a knitted accessory. Zoom on the metallic accents in the silky fabrics.

Back to quite imposing gauges for knits but worked in rather soft yarns, for comforts volumes and fancy “handmade” aspects.


For the total-look effect, the cross-body banana bag gets coordinated with the jacket, fabric and pattern; the accessory thus becomes an extension of the garment.

The textile accessory that reinforces the ready-to-wear statement appealed to us, as here, these woven coat-weight bags.

Focus on small geometric structured bags with graphic look. This one is totaly modular and can be declined in many ways depending on the mood of the day.

Head Designer Women’s RTW


Senior Designer Women’s RTW


Graphic&Fashion designer women’s RTW


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